Zero Carbon Tour bus travels UK in the lead-up to COP26

24 September 2021

Written by: hgamble

An electric tour bus is travelling the country in the run up to COP26 – with environmental engagement sessions scheduled in several UK cities, including Lincoln.

An electric tour bus is travelling the country in the run up to COP26 – with environmental engagement sessions scheduled in several UK cities, including Lincoln.

The nation-wide tour, concluding in Glasgow, will highlight how the climate crisis is being addressed in communities throughout the UK.

The University of Lincoln, UK, in partnership with City of Lincoln Council, is delighted to be hosting The Zero Carbon Tour on Monday 27 September. The session will take place in the Sir Isaac Newton Building from 10:30am.

The event is free to attend for students, businesses and members of the public, who can register to join here:

Professor Libby John, Head of the College of Science and Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee at the University of Lincoln, said: “The University of Lincoln is committed to using our resources to make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability.

“This event is a fantastic opportunity for people to understand more about the impact of net zero carbon and find out how organisations can align with net zero targets – ultimately helping to create a more sustainable future, both locally and beyond.”

Councillor Ric Metcalfe, Leader of City of Lincoln Council and Chair of the Lincoln Climate Commission, will welcome attendees and there is an exciting line-up of guest speakers presenting throughout the day, including Professor Simon Pearson, Director of Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology and Duncan Botting, Chair of Greater Lincolnshire Energy Council.

Guest speakers will share examples of projects that are contributing to carbon reduction throughout Lincolnshire and attendees will be invited to ask questions in a panel discussion.

The Zero Carbon Tour is officially partnered with Race to Zero – the UN-backed global campaign urging companies, cities and institutions to combat the climate crisis and halve global emissions by 2030.

The session will educate attendees about the importance of net zero carbon and how organisations can align with net zero targets.

The University of Lincoln has already developed a range of approaches to environmental sustainability and ongoing work by staff and students has resulted in a 34 percent reduction in carbon emissions over the last decade.

The University’s sustainability strategy includes three key strands, categorising the multitude of work taking place within the institution to tackle the climate emergency: sustainable campus; sustainable culture and collaboration for change.

Steve Malkin, founder and CEO of Planet Mark, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with City of Lincoln Council and the University of Lincoln on this Zero Carbon Tour flagship event as part of the Together For Our Planet campaign in the build up to COP26. We look forward to gathering in-person and online with the Lincoln community to talk about how all businesses and organisations, no matter their size, can contribute to the fight against climate change by committing to net zero carbon. Through the critical Race to Zero we can all play a part in our planet’s future”.

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