Many More People Join the Postgraduate Boom and Increase Their Earning Potential

20 January 2022

Written by: kmoss

More people than ever before are choosing postgraduate study as opportunities increase in Higher Education settings.

More people than ever before are choosing postgraduate study as opportunities increase in Higher Education settings.

The University of Lincoln, UK, has not only seen many graduates continue their journey with a postgraduate course, but also people who have spent years in employment make the decision to go to university and start a new chapter – a 25% increase in the past 5 years.

A postgraduate qualification increases earning potential, furthers knowledge and affords students amazing experiences. Courses encourage students to make new connections and gain practical experience within their chosen field, helping them to succeed in a highly competitive job market.

Postgraduate students come from all walks of life and often manage other important commitments alongside their studies. Many Lincoln alumni have changed their lives through studying at the University.

Kamilla Zolotar, who graduated in 2018 with an MSc in Management, balanced her studies alongside work and a young family to graduate in BA Hons Business and Marketing with a first-class honours before taking her Master’s Degree. She went on to secure a graduate internship with a local tech company and has since been promoted to General Manager.

Kamilla said: “I was born and raised in Poland, and my parents couldn’t afford to send me to a good school or university.

“My parents left Poland to start a new life in the UK, and I joined them later in 2005, speaking very little English and having to work in a local chicken factory.

“Once I’d had my baby, I decided that the way to have the life I wanted was to further my education, so I studied at college and then came to University of Lincoln.

“Since completing my Masters, I have become a General Manager at a local company and I never thought this was possible.

“Studying at University of Lincoln has been a truly life-changing experience for me.”

Studying for a master’s degree allows people to explore the different career paths and opportunities within their chosen subject area. Lincoln students are supported to discover their dream job through networking opportunities, work experience and employability workshops.

Joe Pinkstone initially completed a BSc in Biology at the University of Lincoln, before making the decision to continue his journey and take a Masters in Science and Environmental Journalism. Since completing his Master’s Degree, Joe has gone on to work as a Science Correspondent for The Daily Mail Online, and now The Telegraph.

Joe said: “I did two degrees at Lincoln, a BSc and an MA, and the career I have today is only possible as a result of both of them.

“The one-year Masters rewired my brain from that of a scientist into a journalist — not an easy task — and I will always be grateful, and indebted, to my lecturers for that.

“My experiences at the University of Lincoln, as well as my vocational and academic training, allowed me to use my degrees as a launching platform, and gave me the tools to flourish in my field.”

Beginning on the 22 January the University will be hosting several postgraduate open days. It’s a great way to see the huge range opportunities available.