Doddington Hall and The University of Lincoln Celebrate Signing Official Partnership

2 November 2022

Written by: CThomas

In a meaningful step toward greater collaboration between Doddington Hall and The University of Lincoln, UK, a formal document detailing a future of partnership working has been signed. 

In a meaningful step toward greater collaboration between Doddington Hall and The University of Lincoln, UK, a formal document detailing a future of partnership working has been signed.

This Memorandum of Understanding between Doddington Hall and the University recognises their long history of working together and expresses a commitment to further collaborative action in the future through deliberate strategy.

Professor Abigail Woods, Pro Vice Chancellor at the University, Chair of the Doddington Hall & Estate and University of Lincoln Partnership Steering Group said: “The University of Lincoln is delighted to formalise its long-standing relationship with Doddington Hall. We have already worked together on many successful research and educational projects involving the sciences, arts, and business.  

“We look forward to taking our relationship to the next level and helping to realise the full benefits to nature and the visitor economy of Doddington Hall’s rich cultural and natural heritage.” 

The organisations are making detailed plans to work together across areas of ecology, conservation, tourism, marketing, and the arts, building on the existing success of the partnership.

Doddington and the University’s collaborations have already facilitated fascinating research projects undertaken by Lincoln students in the rewilded areas of the Estate, provided work experience placements at Doddington and introduced the option to study the Hall & Estate in course curriculums across subjects including Architecture & Design, Ecology & Conservation and Film & Media.

Looking forward, the joint team expect to continuously identify new research opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, taking advantage of the abundant wildlife surrounding the Hall which is perpetually increasing thanks to the Estate’s Wilder Doddington project.

This rewilding project sets out to transform Doddington over a 100-year period to revive ecosystems and connect people to nature in line with the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration program. Results will include a huge increase in biodiversity, a great reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, lots more carbon locked away in better, more resilient soils and vegetation, improved water quality and a reduced risk of flooding.

The opportunities and activities available at Doddington will become integrated into the environmental and wellbeing programmes at the University, offering the student body a way to involve themselves in the wider community and network with like-minded individuals across disciplines in the process.

Claire Birch, Owner of Doddington Hall/Estate commented: “Doddington has worked with students and academics across many disciplines from the University of Lincoln for many years. Our estate-wide nature recovery project – Wilder Doddington – is generating a huge number of new opportunities across all subject areas (field skills, research projects, internships, arts and cultural events, data, visitor engagement, community development) so we are really excited to formalise the partnership.  

“It is a dynamic and exciting relationship; with skills, research, learning and work experience opportunities flowing between our two sites; enhancing the experiences of students, academics, staff, volunteers and visitors across the board.”