Lincoln Produced Feature Film Continues to Collect Accolades

21 November 2023

Written by: vsimons

Lincoln filmmaker Mikey Murray has received critical acclaim for his debut feature film Mind-set.

Lincoln filmmaker Mikey Murray has received critical acclaim for his debut feature film Mind-set.

Written and directed by Murray, Mind-Set follows Lucy (Eilis Cahill), a disillusioned office clerk who lives in a dysfunctional relationship with her slovenly partner Paul (Steve Oram). She is surprised to find herself on the cusp of a none-too-secret affair with her new work colleague, Daniel.

Having premiered at the Manchester International Film Festival, where it won 2022 Best UK Feature, the film has gone on to win The Midlands Movie Awards Best Feature.

Mikey, who is also a Senior Lecturer in Film Production at the University of Lincoln, UK, explains that he wanted the film to function both as a professional industry product and as an educational training ground for his students, now alumni.

Mikey said: “Mind-Set was designed to be my first feature film, but I also wanted to work with my university colleagues and give my students the opportunity to work on and experience a live film set. This film could not have happened without them because they had important roles on the film. It was a learning process for all of us.”

All members of the technical crew have associations with the University of Lincoln, including both as staff and students. The film was shot using exclusively University equipment to demonstrate what can be achieved with the same technology that students at the film school have access to.

This understated, lo-fi approach was praised by critics who describe Mind-set as a “weirdly likable lo-fi indie” (The Guardian).

The film was produced with a principle of using what was already available, which extended to shooting in local areas including the connecting bridge to the Brayford Campus Sports Centre and a charity shop on Monks Road. This charity shop facilitated a cameo appearance from Julia Deakin, known for her roles in the films Hot Fuzz and High Rise.

An alumni crew member from the Lincoln School of Film and Media, Jay Russel-Kent said: “It was an excellent experience to be part of the production of Mind-Set and to get some hands-on practice in the film industry.

“Especially being part of a crew and creative team with peers and tutors I’ve worked with throughout my course, it made it a really welcoming and supportive environment. I’m very proud to have been involved with this film and to have used the skills I’ve learned from it going forward in my career.”

Mind-set can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Curzon Home Cinema, Google Play and iTunes. It is also showing at select cinemas across the country. Find dates and locations via this link: Mind-Set – Bulldog Film Distribution (